Comnet is a leading provider of utility grade communications networking solutions designed for mission-critical applications in harsh environments. When network dependability is critical, the transmission products you choose today affect how your network performs tomorrow. Comnet focuses on providing innovative communications networking solutions to the Intelligent Transportation System Markets and Power Transportation and is your worldwide source for fiber optic and Ethernet communication network solutions.

Comnet Switches

Comnet sets the new standard by offering tough transmission equipment backed by an unsurpassed level of support that comes standard with every product we sell. Our innovative equipment is easy to install and operate.

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The Comnet CNGE5MS is a hardened, industrial five port all gigabit managed Ethernet switch. It has three 10/100/1000Base-TX and two Gigabit combo ports that utilize ComNet SFP* modules for fiber and connector type and distance. The IEEE 802.3 compliant unit is a redundant switch offering multiple Ethernet redundancy protocols, C-Ring, ComRing, C-RSTP and MSTP/RSTP/STP.

  • STP/RSTP/MSTP supported
  • IGMP v2/v3 (IGMP snooping support) for filtering multicast traffic
  • Supports LLDP Protocol
  • RMON for traffic monitoring
  • Environmentally Hardened for use in unconditioned installations
  • Certified for compliance with NEMA TS1/TS2 and CALTRANS environmental specifications

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The Comnet CNGE2FE8MSPOE+ is a hardened Managed Ethernet Switch. It provides IEEE 802.3at (30W) PoE+ to eight 10/100BASE-T(X) and has twogigabit combination SFP or RJ-45 ports. Up to 240 watts of PoE or PoE+ power is available for distribution across all 8 TX ports. All SFP ports utilize ComNet SFP* modules for fiber and connector type and distance.


  • IGMP v2/v3 (IGMP snooping support) for filtering multicast traffic & Port Trunking for ease of bandwidth management
  • STP/RSTP/MSTP supported
  • Supports Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
  • Port lock to prevent access from unauthorized MAC address
  • SNMP V1/V2c/V3 for secure network management
  • PTP Client (Precision Time Protocol) for clock synchronization
  • 5.6 Gbps Switching bandwidth: 2 Combo Gigabit Ports 8 10/100T(X) Ports

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The Comnet CNGE12FX4TX8MSPOE/TS is a twelve port, managed Ethernet switch. The switch is mechanically designed to fit into a NEMA TS2 traffic detector rack and derives power and ground from the backplane. The small form factor allows the user to take advantage of existing rack space already dedicated within an already space limited traffic cabinet making installation clean and easy.

  • Four (4) SFP ports support 100/1000 Mbps SFP modules
  • SNMPv3, HTTPS, SSH Security features, TACACS+, IEEE1588v2 Timing, 802.1x, & DDMI
  • EMC Performance: Industrial Level 4
  • Eight (8) electrical ports support 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet IEEE802.3 protocol, with IEEE 802.3at PoE

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CNFE3FX Switch Contact Closure

The Comnet CNFE3FX1TX2C[/M] series is an industrially hardened three-port intelligent switch with light management functionality and an integrated contact closure server. The 100BASE-FX port supports conventional CAT-5e/CAT-6 copper or optical transmission media by selection of the appropriate ComNet SFP* module. A summary fault alarm provides indication via a form c relay in the event of loss of optical link or operating power. The 10/100BASE-TX ports support both auto-negotiation and automatic MDI/MDI-X crossover for full and half-duplex operation; manual MDI/MDI-X switching is not required. The integrated contact closure server is available with 4 or 8 channels and supports individual user selectable wet or dry inputs. Form A relay outputs feature individual user selection of normally open or normally closed operation via the built-in web GUI.

  • Full duplex transmission of 10/100 Mbps Ethernet: (2) 10/100BASE-TX ports and (1) 100BASE-FX SFP port
  • Extended ambient operating temperature range of -40˚ C to +75˚ C, for use in virtually any environment. Optional conformal coating for humidity with condensation or airborne particulate matter conditions
  • Uses interchangeable SFP for fiber type, distance and connector (Ordered separately)
  • Integrated contact closure server supports wet/dry inputs and user selectable normally open or normally closed form A relay outputs.
  • SNMP v1/v2c for network management

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FDC8NLR 8-channel Contact Closure

The Comnet FDC8NLR 8-Channel Contact Closure Receiver unit provides up to eight independent normally open (NO) dry contact closures over one multimode or single-mode optical fiber, when used in conjunction with the companion ComNet model FDC8 Transmitter unit. Microprocessor-based logic in the FDC8 transmitter detects a customer-furnished switch or contact closure, and encodes the closure into robust data packets that are mapped and transmitted to the FDC8NLR Receiver.

  • Receive up to eight contact closures over one optical fiber
  • Eight channel Point-to-Point architecture
  • Eight solid-state relays
  • Built-in relay surge protection
  • Microprocessor-based logic in receiver unit eliminate random contact closure status in electrically noisy environments.
  • Relay contact rating: 30 VDC, 0.700 Amp, normally open

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The Comnet CNGE24MS-OB is a Managed Ethernet Switch with sixteen 10/100/1000 Mbps TX ports and eight 100/1000 Mbps SFP* ports that use ComNet SFPs for fiber type, connector type and distance. This switch also includes two sets of bypass ports that ensure network integrity during power loss or maintenance. The CNGE24MS-OB is IEEE802.3-compliant and offers multiple Ethernet redundancy protocols (ComRing, C-Ring, and MSTP/RSTP/STP) which protect your applications from network interruptions or temporary malfunctions by redirecting transmission within the network. Unlike most Ethernet switches, these environmentally hardened units are designed for deployment in difficult operating environments, and are available for use with either conventional CAT-5e copper or optical transmission media.

  • 10/100/1000 BASE-TX and 100/1000 BASE-FX compatible
  • Support 100M/1G/10G optical bypass function of 2 port duplex or 4 port simplex fiber connection
  • Fastest Redundant Ethernet Ring: C-Ring. Recovery time <30ms, with > 250 switches within the ring
  • MSTP, with RSTP/STP compatibility
  • Com-Ring open architecture supports other switch manufacturers’ ring technologies, for seamless network integration
  • C-Chain allows multiple redundant network ring capability
  • IEC 62439-2 MRP (Media Redundancy Protocol)
  • No added delay using Optical Bypass
  • Supports IPV6 new internet protocol version
  • Support for Modbus TCP protocol
  • IEEE 802.3az Energy-Efficient Ethernet technology, for substantially reduced power consumption during periods of low data activity.

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SFP Modules

The Comnet selection of MSA Compliant Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) modules allows for an optical or electrical interface when using a ComNet managed switch, unmanaged switch or media converter. These interchangeable SFP modules are available for use with copper media, multimode optical fiber, or single mode optical fiber.

The optical fiber SFP modules are available in Fast Ethernet one and two fiber versions and Gigabit Ethernet one and two fiber versions. They also are available with LC or SC optical connectors. The ComNet SFP modules offer different wavelengths and optical power budget to allow distances from 300 meters to 120 kilometers. These SFP modules are industrially rated to perform in the most difficult operating environments.

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