Below are product datasheets for the most popular products and models. If information for a specific version is not listed please contact for additional help.


Actelis Networks
ML 620 Series Access Device
ML 630 Series Access Device
ML 640 Series Access Device
ML 688 Series Access Device
ML 698 Series Access Device
ML 130 EFM Aggregator
ML 1300 EFM Aggregation Switch
ML 2300 EFM Aggregation Switch
Meta ASSIST Interface Software


Trafficware/Naztec Inc.
NEMA ATC for TS-1/TS-2 Controller
980 NEMA TS-2/ATC Hybrid Controller
981 NEMA TS2 Type 1 Master Controller
980 NEMA TS2 Type 1 Secondary Controller
981 NEMA TS2 Type 2 Master Controller
980 NEMA TS2 Type 2 Secondary Controller
900 NEMA TS1 Traffic Signal Controller
970 Ethernet Rack Mounted Controller
2070L ITS Controller
MC 682 MicroCab Portable Controller
Solar Powered School Zone Flasher
NEMA TS-1 Shelve Mount Power Supply
NEMA TS-2 Shelve Mount Power Supply
NEMA 12 Channel Conflict Monitor LCD
NEMA 16 Channel MMU LCD and Ethernet
722L Dual Channel LCD Loop Detector
724L Four Channel LCD Loop Detector
NEMA P44 Traffic Cabinet
NEMA M Traffic Cabinet
CalTran 332 Traffic Cabinet
Aluminum Hand/Man Pedestrian Signal Head
Aluminum 8″ Traffic Signal Heads
Aluminum 12″ Traffic Signal Heads
Software Central Software Module for ATMS Module for ATMS
SynchroGreen Adaptive Traffic Management Software
NEW! Valence POD In-ground Vehicle Detection System


CNGE5MS 5 Port Ethernet Switch
CNGE8MS 8 Port Ethernet Switch
CNGE2FE8MS 8 Port Ethernet Switch w/POE+
CNGE12FX4TX8MS 8 Port Rackmount Ethernet Switch
CNFE3FX1 3 Port Ethernet Switch w/Contact Closure
FDC8NLR Contact Closure