Below are application notes for the most popular products and models. If information for a specific version is not listed please contact for additional help.

Emergency Cabinet Deployment using the Naztec MC682
TS2 type 1 BIU Troubleshooting Checklist
Naztec NTCIP Protocol Standards
Naztec 980 Screen Status Overview

Actelis Networks
City of Napa – Boosting Bandwidth with Carrier Ethernet over Copper Solution
City of Roseville – Without the Thorns
City of Sacramento – Keeps Traffic Moving Safely in California’s Capital
City of San Jose – A Case Study on ITS Networking
Ethernet Over Copper Gives Military Secure Networking

Sensys Networks
Baltimore, MD – Stop Bar Detection for Optimized Traffic
Caltrans i-80 – Simple Solution for Complex Freeway Detection
St. Louis, MS – Arterial Detection Improves Traffic Flow
Red Deer, Alberta Canada – Reliable SCOOT Systems in Extreme Weather
TrafficDOT 2.0 User Guides
TrafficDOT 2.0.1 Release Notes
TrafficDOT 2.6.1 Set-Up Guide
TrafficDOT 2.6.1 Release Notes

209X-SD and 209X-ST Strobecom II Preemption Detector Installation Instructions
179M-2 Strobecom II Power Supply Wiring Instructions

UltraPower Stealth
General Battery Back-up specification
UPStealth User Guide
UPStealth Force-On Function
UPStealth Wall Charger
Nickel-Zinc Material Specification
Nickel-Zinc Safety Material Datasheet

Microhard Systems
Customizing Hopping Paterns for Microhard 910 Series
Frequency Restriction using IP Series 921
Nano Series Firmware Upgrade Procedure

General NTCIP Guidelines Download
SynchroGreen Real-Time Adaptive Traffic Case Study