Blue Earth Acquires an Intelligent Digital Battery Technology Company, Millennium Power Solutions (“MPS”)

Blue Earth, Inc. (OTCQB: BBLU), a comprehensive energy solutions company, announced today that it has acquired Millennium Power Solutions (“MPS”) for $14.5 million. The purchase price is being paid through the issuance of 3,694,811 shares, valued at $ 10.9 million and $3.57 million to be paid as an earn-out fee based upon MPS quarterly profits. View the entire release.

Precision Traffic and PSI Sign Exclusive Agreement

Precision Traffic and Safety Systems, LLC., a leading distributor of best-in-class products and solutions for intersection management, communications and safety for the intelligent transportation industry, announced today the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement with PSI Acquisition, LLC (PSI) providing the revolutionary UltraPower Stealth (UPStealth) battery back-up system. View entire release.



Naztec’s New ATC Controller

During the recent IMSA conference Naztec provided a first look at their next-generation ATC controller. It is still being refined but will be available very soon and just like everything Naztec builds, will be rock solid…..

See the full Naztec product line here.


Built to Last

I received a call from a city the other day looking to replace their damaged traffic controller with a new one. After spending a few minutes on the phone trying to determine what type of system they may be using I was surprised to realize they owned a “Keyboard Fixed Timed” or KFT controller. These systems were popular back in the 70’s-80’s and were originally replacements for the electromechanical controllers. Send me pictures if you can find something older…..