ZincFive has developed the answer to your Battery Back-up System problems. The UltraPower-Stealth Generation 2 Battery Back-up System, UPStealth, utilizes a unique Battery Pack Panel that can be configured to almost any shape to fit into spaces and locations inside Transportation Cabinets not accessible by Lead Acid products. Our standard UPStealth flexible panels fit into the Transportation Cabinet’s unused space between the internal rack and the outside shell of the cabinet. The battery panel in this configuration does not take up any rack space thus eliminating the need for an expensive external cabinet. In addition, for NEMA Cabinet users, there is an innovative UPStealth Shelf Panel which can be mounted on the top or underside of the NEMA cabinet shelf. A rack mount version is also available for other Transportation Cabinets.

The Main Controller Unit (Inverter) for the UPStealth Gen2 is only 12” deep (excluding connectors), 3.6” high (2U), and weighs 12 pounds. There is a 64 x 128 pixel LCD display with an LED back light to display the status of the system and for setting its parameters. The innovative navigation dial allows for easy access to all settings and is not affected by even the harshest environmental conditions. A USB port on the front panel is standard and there is an optional Ethernet / Internet interface available. 

Watch the UPStealth installation video here.

The rear panel of the Inverter provides access to 8-programmable relays which are controlled by power line conditions and user selected settings of the UPStealth Battery Back-up System. Each relay has 2-Amp “normally closed” and “normally open” contacts. The Relay connectors plug into the rear panel and can be removed without tools. There are four circular plastic connectors for connecting to the UPStealth panels. 42-Amp pins are used for the battery connections. 

Watch the UPStealth installation video here.

Each UPStealth Battery Panel has multiple integrated battery chargers and controllers that communicate with the Inverter through a serial communication interface. Each panel may vary in weight depending upon the panel configuration; the battery weight for a standard 600 watt panel is 37 pounds
Download the Datasheet

The Inverter can turn each UPStealth Battery Panel ON and OFF and monitors the condition of each string of batteries through the individual chargers. Because each UPStealth Battery Panel has its own chargers, adding more battery panels to the system DOES NOT affect the battery charge time of 4 hours. Up to sixteen panels can be used in one Battery Back-up System. The standard flexible UPStealth Battery Panels incorporate a “living” hinge which allows the Panel to be bent and quickly inserted between the cabinet rack and shell wall without altering the equipment rack. The “living” hinge also provides the ability to easily remove the battery panel.

ZincFive spent considerable time choosing the best rechargeable battery chemistry for the Traffic Industry. Nickel Zinc (NiZn) was chosen for its:

  • High energy density and performance
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Durability and overall safety of the cells
  • Life, which is twice as long as Lead Acid Batteries
NiZn batteries have no transportation restrictions, are certified as recyclable by the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Coalition, and are RoHS Compliant. There are no restrictions with regard to the disposal of expired cells. NiZn batteries will not explode, catch fire, nor outgas hazardous fumes even when abused. In addition, the NiZn rechargeable chemistry does not dissipate any significant heat.